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Knowing what’s “normal” and what can indicate a possible health issue when it comes to sexual and reproductive health can be challenging. Gynaecologist in Raipur has seen and heard it all, so even if you feel self-conscious about certain things, remember that they are there to support you rather than to criticize.

Vaginal Odor

Even though talking to your doctor about vaginal odor can be awkward, it’s crucial to report any unpleasant or fishy smells, as well as any changes to your regular fragrance that seem to be sticking around for a few days. While certain odors are natural, any changes or unpleasant scents could indicate an infection or overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina.

Swelling Bumps or Growths “Down There”

Observing a development in your vagina or surrounding your labia can be concerning. Is it something more serious, such an ingrown hair, a pimple, or a cut from shaving? Although bumps are frequently harmless, it’s crucial to have your doctor check you out if you experience any symptoms. While genital warts may appear for a while, herpes lesions can cure in seven to fourteen days, so it’s crucial to get checked out while the outbreak is happening.

Low Libido

Although many women are unaware of how prevalent low libido is, it’s still necessary to discuss your concerns with Best Gynecologist Hospital in Raipur in order to find the solution. Your libido may occasionally be impacted by the drugs you take, or it may indicate a side effect of a recognized ailment or an underlying medical issue.

Urinary or Fecal Leakage

It can be extremely stressful and negatively impact your quality of life to have urine or feces incontinence. After giving birth, many women will have these symptoms, especially if the baby was big or the vaginal delivery involved the use of forceps or a vacuum. These symptoms may get worse as women go through menopause. There may be alternatives for both medication and surgical management, depending on the kind of incontinence. You can go near Best Gynecologist in Raipur.

Painful Periods

Getting your period is not fun for a lot of ladies. Among the most typical menstrual symptoms are headaches, cramps, and breast pain. However, period pain can be really severe for some people and extends beyond cramps. It may indicate endometriosis or uterine fibroids if your periods are really painful or have been getting worse over time. It’s critical to consult your healthcare physician if your period symptoms are interfering with your daily activities. At Matritva Advanced Maternity and Fetal Medicine Centre Where Dr. Amidha Shukla Saraf is very educated and highly skilled.

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