Matritva Advanced Maternity and Fetal Medicine Centre


At Matritva Advanced Maternity and Fetal Medicine Centre, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services with precision and compassion.

What Service We Offer

Dr. Amidha Shukla Saraf, is highly skilled and experienced in handling high-risk pregnancies and complex fetal conditions.

Let’s delve deeper into our unmatched offerings. Below is an insight into our specialized offerings.

NT Scan: Embarking on the journey of motherhood? Our NT Scan service, helmed by the best fetal medicine doctor in Raipur, ensures the early and accurate detection of chromosomal abnormalities, providing expecting mothers with peace of mind.

Fetal Neuro Sonography: With a focus on the brain and spinal cord of the fetus, our Fetal Neuro Sonography service stands out in its precision and care. Undergoing this scan at our center ensures you’re in the hands of the best professionals.

Anomaly Scan: Ensuring the healthy development of your unborn child is paramount. Our Anomaly Scan identifies any structural abnormalities in the fetus, offering clarity and assurance to expecting families.

Fetal Doppler Scan: Track the blood circulation of your fetus to ensure optimal health. Our Fetal Doppler Scan is a testament to our commitment to leveraging advanced technology for the well-being of both mother and child.

Fetal Growth Scan: Regularly monitor the growth and well-being of your unborn child. Using state-of-the-art technology, our Fetal Growth Scan guarantees accurate and detailed results every time.

All types of Pregnancy-related Sonography: From early pregnancy scans to third-trimester checks, our range of sonography services is extensive. Catering to all pregnancy stages, we are hailed as the center of choice for those seeking the best doctor for pregnancy in Raipur.

Pregnancy Consultation: Navigate the rewarding yet complex journey of pregnancy with guidance from the best gynaecologist in Raipur. From nutrition advice to birth planning, our consultations are comprehensive and compassionate.

Infertility Consultation & Treatment: Every couple deserves the joy of parenthood. Our team provides both consultations and treatments, addressing infertility concerns with the latest advancements and heartfelt understanding.

Beyond our technical services, we champion a holistic approach. Our team, armed with medical acumen and empathy, ensures every mother feels understood, supported, and empowered.